Machine update part 1 SSD

June 18, 2021 – 100 days to offload countdown #89

Having my second shot in the arm and with an unsusual dry 31 degrees celsius in- and outside the house, I don’t have that much to write today. The SSD arrived, 128GB from intenso. I reinstalled the machine without a problem. After backing up my $HOME of course.

Everything went very smoothly. This a decade old machine is insanly fast now. Booting to the dm login screen in ~15s, wakeup from suspend is instantanious.

The replacement battery is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. And it is badly needed. The offering spoke of 2 hours of battery time - that was windows 10 guessing the amount of time left after boot with a fully charged battery doing nothing. From this I took that I probably would have 30 minutes doing stuff. This was not conservative enough. The battery alarm set off after 5 minutes of mild use of the CPU (compiling a small AUR package). Early enough that I could reach an outlt before the machine would shut down.

I’ll write again when the battery is installed and I took the laptop on a few loading cycles, see how everything holds up then. So far not a bad deal, under 200EUR for a tablet like experience with 6GB of RAM, an i7 dual core with multithreading running my distribution of choice. The form factor is a bit more than I wanted, it’s on the bulky side, and not very sleek.